Bruce Clisdell Independent "Certified Professional Valuer"

Extensive experience valuing all types of Real Estate in the Southern Highlands.

More than 25 years experience
Certified Practising Valuer AVI541

Diploma in Law
Associate Diploma of Business (Valuation)
Advanced Certificate (Real Estate)
Certificate (Auctioneering Practice)
AVI Logo
Member of the Australian Valuers Institute.


Are you buying or selling?

Obtain an independent Valuation Report of your property and or a property you would like to buy.

Residential, Industrial and Rural properties.

Make an informed decision.


Obtain the Current Market Value of your property as required for -

  • NSW Stamp Duty payment on tranfers between related parties.
  • Taxation purposes (GST and CGT).
  • Transfers to Superannuation Funds.
  • Deceased Estates - Probate purposes and Settlements.
  • Family Law and Disputes - including appointment as expert valuer for both parties.